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Loves sexy Ponies
So DA apparently is still super dominating in terms of Request-Demands so I had to transfer the last tumblr request over to DA^^

But yeah, I´m full again XD

~DA (this is where you are right now)~
1-:icondiagon197: -> OC solo
2-:iconbently96: -> OC solo
3-:icongaryd12: -> NSFW of two of the banner mares
4-:iconlittlemario1: -> Octavia x Vinal Scratch dancing
5-:iconkonadh324: -> OC solo
(6 Special-Request "Oliver Matera" - (Oc x Twi))
7-:iconZanon-Shadow-Veil: Oc x Oc cute (transfered from tumblr since I had just too many requests here)

~Inkbunny (lulz naughty stuff)~
1-DarkTailskp -> (get´s his request redone cause I hurr durped it)
2-DjChris -> OC
3-kinkykeroro -> OC couple
4-TheDragonEmperor -> Rty x Spike
5-tmk0009 -> Spike x OC

~tumblr (much dashbord. so reblog)~
1-askcyborgcobaltflash -> (need topic and reference)
2-edb-command -> OC x Canon
3-askshyassassin -> Rarity tickling Fluttershy (I see what u did there)
4-speedypost247 -> Pinkie Pie

~Request rules~
1. No group requests, I´d like to draw a maximum of 2 characters in one picture.
2. Request usually will not have highly detailed backgrounds.
3. Everyone needs to get a chance so if you got a request, you can´t be on the next list.
4. Content I won´t draw: Gore,Vore,Death,Violence,certain fetishes even if they might be safe for work.
5. Do not write an reply to this journal if you want to get a slot, write a private message
6. Don´t write: "Can I have a request?" please tell me your request right away ^^
7. When the new journal tells you that the lists are closed, I cannot take further requests so please don´t ask for them all the time XD
8. There will be no waiting lines or reservations from now on
9. No money, no points, no art trades. You don´t have to give me anything all I need is your patience.

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Ich muss dir danken!! Durch dein Bild von Meow bin ich auf diese Serie gekommen: Das beste was die Animeindustrie je hervorgebracht hat!! Danke nochmals^^
Das Anime ist einfach nur total durch XD
lol, you know what's funny?
i favorite your newest picture not knowing it was you, i go to a friend's favorites page, sees your rainbow in jail picture, i go to your account, and see that same picture i faved
I reckon that the older pictures must look a little bit different.
I mess up my style pretty often XD
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kakyuuspark Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday ^^
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